The friendly geese at work!

Pat and the kids came to visit me at work one afternoon with bread in hand. OK, truth is they came to visit the geese that frequent the pond across the street from my office. I was told these geese are very friendly and LOVE to be fed. They lived up to every word. They swam across the pond to meet us when they saw us walking up!  There was one goose, named Paige, that ate almost half the bread we brought though 🙂

KXCcEFf3cw1kj0Wt.jpg  1B8nBA89LlXIsRLv.jpg


One thought on “The friendly geese at work!

  1. Ethan & Paige look like they are having fun… Where is Pat’s gun. I know Zach would be over there,. 🙂
    We miss you bunches. Love the pictures and blog..


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